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“2 Circles offers consistently competitive tariffs and enabled Windrush to consolidate many telecommunications suppliers into a single cost-centre based invoicing structure providing cost savings and simplifying administration”

L Chappell, Financial Director, Windrush Volkswagen

The right Connectivity is vital to ensure your business’s productivity and growth. 2 Circles’ extensive portfolio provides a complete range of professional and reliable Connectivity solutions designed to fit every possible business requirement.

UK businesses clocked up 149m hours of internet downtime between them in 2015 which cost to the economy £12.3 b in lost productivity.
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2 Circles Insights:
“The Actual cost of Broadband for your business.”
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2 Circles Insights:
“Will 2002 be the year Broadband takes off?”
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Guaranteed (up to 4-7 hrs SLA)

SIP Assured ADSL

Future proof option with download speeds up to 24Mb.


A great value ethernet option with in-built resilience, guaranteed speeds and great coverage.

SIP Assured FTTC

Next generation broadband with download speeds of up to 80Mb and 7 hour SLA.


Game changing option delivering very high bandwidth connectivity and compelling value


Optimal data-carrying technology for heavy using businesses that rely on their data.

Leased Lines

The ultimate in internet connectivity. With fully bespoke and optimised solutions to optimise staff productivity and provide dedicated lines with built-in resilience ensuring business security.



Superfast broadband for your business with download speeds up to 80Mb.


For when you are building in network resiliency

Small Business Package

Great value connectivity for smaller businesses with download speeds up to 24Mb.


Superfast broadband for your business with download speeds up to 40Mb.


Fibre to the premises with downloads of up to 330Mb.

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