UK out of bundle charges

What are out of bundle charges?

Depending on your tariff you have an allowance to call standard UK mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02 or 03), texts to UK mobiles and use 4G data. If you exceed your allowance or use a service not covered by your tariff then out of bundle charges will apply.

Call TypeRate £Unit
UK & roam like at home data usage£0.03075Per MB
Rest of the world out of bundle data usage£6.15Per MB
Landlines £0.46125Per Min
VoicemailNo chargePer Min
GSM WAP£0.082Per Min
O2 - O2 mobileNo chargePer Min
X-Net minutes£0.46125Per Min
Group conferencing (322 & 323)No chargePer Min
O2 Directory Enquiries 118402£1.28125Per Min
Other services e.g. Traffic Line£0.392575Per Min
Higher personal 070 numbers£0.46125Per Min
Premium rate and non-geographical numbers Various rates please contact your account managerPer minute access charge plus a per minute service charge, set by the company you're calling
Satellite calls - 60 second increments£6.91875Per Min
MMS (domestic & roamed)£0.41Per SMS


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