Windrush Volkswagen has worked with 2 Circles for a number of years and has been very pleased with the results. 2 Circles offers consistently competitive tariffs and enabled Windrush to consolidate many telecommunications suppliers into a single cost-centre based invoicing structure providing cost savings and simplifying administration. Account Management is particularly pro-active, quick to respond to queries and works on the basis of a long-term relationship and unusually, underlying telecom supplier cost reductions are passed on to customers without any renegotiation or arm twisting! I have no hesitation in recommending 2 Circles and consider them to be amongst the best in their field.

L Chappell, Financial Director, Windrush Volkswagen

We have used 2 Circles for just over 2 years, gradually adding services as time has progressed and older contacts have ended. We currently use the following services; Mobile, Fixed Line & MPLS connectivity between our two sites. Some of the main reasons for using 2Circles is the incorporation of their billing model, in which we can have multiple services under one bill, have one number to ring for all our services, the account management is second to none and always answer queries in a timely fashion and the transparent costs are very competitive. We recently had a mobile refresh, and it was an easy choice to use 2Circles again. I would highly recommend 2Circles and would be happy to take a reference call if required.

Michael Canter, Head of IT, Canter, Levin & Berg Solicitors

We have been with 2Circles for many years and they manage our land line service and our mobiles. Their prices continue to be very competitive and their customer service of a very high standard. Best of all there is no automated service when you telephone – there is always a person to speak to and we have our own account manager. No problem is too small and they continue until they are sorted always keeping you in the loop with progress.

Chris Wickenden, Haven Funeral Services Ltd

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work when we decided to change our phone line back from BT. It was done on time and was very efficiently done. All the information regarding the redirection service was spot on. In conjunction with this we are now saving app. 20{598c4595b56118cfe4c5ff3a74578c58a1b26a355113fb538936c66c08adfdaa}-25{598c4595b56118cfe4c5ff3a74578c58a1b26a355113fb538936c66c08adfdaa} on our phone bills per month. I cannot praise him and his company enough for a job well done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who is looking to make a saving on their phone lines.

Ian Christie, IGC Gas Services

2 Circles have all the resources of a corporate provider yet manage to keep the personal contact and care for their customers that you would expect from a smaller company, each contact is met with a real person and the dedicated Account Managers ensure that any enquiries are dealt with in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Stephen Halls, IT/Telecoms Officer, St. John Ambulance, Kent

We have used 2 Circles for just over 2 years, gradually adding services as time has progressed and older contacts have ended. We currently use the following services; Mobile, Fixed Line & MPLS connectivity between our two sites. Some of the main reasons for using 2 Circles is the incorporation of their billing model, in which we can have multiple services under one bill, have one number to ring for all our services, the account management is second to none and always answer queries in a timely fashion and the transparent costs are very competitive. We recently had a mobile refresh, and it was an easy choice to use 2 Circles again. I would highly recommend 2 Circles and would be happy to take a reference call if required.

Michael Lever, Head of IT, Caner, Levin and Berg Solicitors

We engaged with 2Circles having recognised our own internal provision of?mobile phones had increased significantly, with a view to increasing further, and that the infrastructure had become quite disjointed.? We had any number of different contracts, with a variety of contract length, type and provider. 2Circles helped us to pull all of the?contracts under one College deal, which not only made it easier to manage but also significantly reduced our costs.? As well as having access to online reporting which is concise and?easy to use, we can pick up the phone at any time and speak to our account manager to resolve any issues, process orders, or just talk about how the contract is working. We have just renewed our terms with 2Circles and look forward to many more years in partnership.

Andrew Carr, Deputy Director of Finance and IT, Tyne Metropolitan College

Having been a customer of 2 Circles for lines and calls and enjoyed the benefit the of the quality customer services provided, it made perfect sense to move the mobile phone requirements across when the existing contracts expired. The help and assistance provided with the selection of hardware and specific service requirements was much appreciated. As expected, with the necessary preparations in place the changeover went very smoothly and the numbers were ported across successfully.

Allan Mayman, Practice Manager, Emsleys Solicitors

Once again thank you for your exemplary manner and professionalism. I would not have got this level of service from XLN.

Shanawar Majid Chaudhry, Jalebi Junction

2 Circles is a key and strategic Wholesale Partner for O2, with an impressive portfolio of clients, demonstrating best in class service to their customers. It was these attributes that led to them being ranked O2?s no 1 JUC Wholesale Partner in 2013

Bernie McPhillips, Head of Wholesale Partners, O2

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your excellent support despite the clear incompetence of BT. The line is up and running, the phones are working and our customers can once again get through

Kevin J Kelly, Managing Director, Atlas Scotland Ltd

We have been a customer of 2 Circles for a number of years. We use them to supply our telephony, including line rentals, broadband, and mobile phones amongst other things. In all the years that we have dealt with them, I can confirm that their performance has been exemplary. They have always responded quickly and efficiently to any issue that has arisen. Their accommodating approach enables them to have the flexibility to deal with any situation without it escalating. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering engaging them.

Adrian Stewart, Bakers Food and Allied Union

CRC-Evans Offshore Ltd are a pipeline welding contractor. We regularly have a high proportion of our staff members travelling around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We rely heavily on our mobile phones to keep the business running and keep in touch with home based and international staff and customers. We do not have enough lines to warrant the network phone provider giving us a dedicated account manager and found that costs were escalating and that customer service was poor, giving us the impression that we were too small for them to worry about. I would go as far as saying I could have got better deals and customer service on a private phone contract than we were getting for our company phones.
We joined 2 Circles only 2 months ago and have already seen a vast improvement in service and reliability. Our contract is now managed by a dedicated team lead by a knowledgeable and friendly account manager (Mr David O?Neil) who understands our business needs and deals with any requests and queries quickly and efficiently. It makes a huge difference picking up the phone and speaking to the same person. We are now able to plan future needs and discuss on-going issues and plans without having to explain everything from scratch to someone in a call centre who isn?t really interested. I no longer feel like I am being rushed off the phone and David takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer suggestions to improve the service.
We were able to transfer our mobile fleet in stages to reduce contract termination charges with the Network provider. This in itself was a substantial saving. We look forward to the remainder of our fleet transferring to 2 Circles in September and to a long and fruitful relationship as our company and mobile fleet grows.

Kevin Scanlan, Documentation and IT Controller, CRC-Evans Offshore Limited

We have worked with 9 Dots and the 2 Circles Communications team for the past 2 years for fixed line, mobile and leased line requirements for our UK headquarters. Our previous supplier had mismanaged our account, and after a thorough review we identified considerable cost reductions and a promise of far better account management and customer service.
Due to the nature of our business we need our suppliers to be sensitive to our needs and quick to respond. We have developed a great relationship with the back office staff at 2 Circles and their agent 9 Dots. We can contact our account management team within a few rings at any time, and emails are always responded to within a few hours.
We have also benefited commercially, and the promised cost reductions have been fully realised for both fixed line and mobile services, with an easy to use unified billing platform. O2 has always been our preferred network due to the international coverage and reliability it provides. 2 Circles / 9 Dots are their top partner in the UK and it has proven a great decision to work with them.

Neil Brown, Finance Manager, Rowan Drilling PLC

I am writing to give you feedback on the service I received today after calling 2 Circles. Yesterday we had our broadband switched over and because of this we lost access to our printer and all our files which are stored on an external hard drive. I called 2 Circles this morning and spoke to David O’Neil several times over a period of a few hours, as well as David taking remote access to our computer system. It turned out this was not as easily fixed as first though but David stuck with it and kept me informed at all stages. I am extremely impressed with the service and in particular the professionalism and dedication of David to get us back to a working charity. As you can imagine not having access to our files was a huge drawback for our small charity but we are so grateful that it was fixed in such a timely manner. I would appreciate if you can pass this feedback on to the relevant department.

Amanda Young, Information Officer, Signpost

I would just like to say a great big thank you for all your help with our telephone system today. We have been having trouble getting to the route of the problem for a couple of days now and you seemed to worked wonders in such a small space of time. Your excellent telephone manner, politeness and customer service have made the experience dealing with 2 circles a pleasure. As a result, I would definitely recommend you and your company to others in the future.

Linda O’Sullivan, Office administrator, Selby Carpets

Why can’t every supplier be like 2 Circles to deal with?

Alec Pack, Rushden Golf Range

I would like to start by saying thank you to David O?Neill and his team for the smooth change over from the bad and stressful experience that we had with BT. We decided to change over from 2 circles to BT after their business rep gave us a visit and promised cheaper prices and a better service but this turned out to be a very big and costly mistake as we never got the service we were promised, the internet kept dropping, we were getting bills (and still are!) for unknown services! We never got, and BT could not fix the caller ID service that we need in our business, and that was one of the services we were promised. And after signing the contract for quarterly bills and a set price we were then told this was wrong and the set price is per month!! So we were now paying even more money to BT than we were with 2 Circles which was one of the reasons we decided to move to BT! We suffered all these problems for about 4 to 5 months and finally BT released us from the contract after legal advice. We then spoke to David O?Neill and with his help we came back over to 2 Circles which was very smooth and stress free and we now receive a fantastic service. It?s also nice to have an account manager and just one person to speak to that helps keep things on a personal level. Any teething problems were dealt with in seconds as opposed to days or weeks with BT. Any company that is thinking of moving away from 2 Circles I suggest that they take our advice and rethink because I truly believe that you will not beat the service 2 Circles provide.

Simon Herbert, Allens Motor Services

2 Circles have impressed us with the level of customer service they have provided, their attention to detail and the proactive management of our account since we joined them in July 2010. We meet with them every three months and their staff are professional, courteous and responsive, ensuring our business requirements are met. When there is an issue, this is dealt with promptly and escalated where necessary.

Rif Kiamil, CIO, JJ Food Service Limited

As a charity we are always seeking ways to minimise our overhead costs ? telecoms being one of them. A good telecoms service is a must for our operations and service to run well, but traditionally telecoms have been costly, with long tie-in periods and poor customer service. Since switching calls, lines and broadband to 3rd Sector Telecom/2 circles we have made substantial cost savings with minimum tie-in periods, whilst receiving a more personalised customer service experience. Online account management allows us to analyse our calls and the telecoms service provision has continued to work just fine. Thus far, we are delighted with the service from 2cirlces and would recommend them to others in the third sector.

Michelle Clelland, Head of Business & Finance Services, Jeely Piece Club

2 Circles have all the resources of a corporate provider yet manage to keep the personal contact and care for their customers that you would expect from a smaller company, each contact is met with a real person and the dedicated Account Managers ensure that any enquiries are dealt with in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Stephen Halls, IT/Telecoms Officer, St. John Ambulance, Kent

We recently had a problem with our telephone lines, which was eventually traced to a fault in the fibre optic cable between our office and the exchange, and rectified by BT. The service I received from 2 Circles, from the first moment I contacted them right up to the point when the fault was completely resolved (two very stressful days, as our business relies heavily on communication with clients), was absolutely excellent. I was kept informed at all times, which always helps, and I always felt that everything possible was being done promptly and efficiently. And, best of all, I always got to speak to a real person, who knew who I was and was familiar with my problem. So thanks a lot.

Valerie Gunn, Director, BP Sanders and Company Limited

I am very satisfied with experience I have received as a customer from 2 Circles Communications, their account management, flexibility and response to calls and queries is very professional and pleasing. The Balreed account is managed proactively so I am made aware of any potential significant issues before they occur and I receive regular contact from my Account Manager. Core to Balreed Digitec’s own client management is a robust fit for purpose and cost effective infrastructure, the relationship we have with 2 Circles Communications allows us to achieve this. I realise that 2 Circles Communications want to develop a stronger relationship with Balreed Digitec and that is something I can only welcome.

Steve Spicer, Business Support Manager, Balreed Digitec

I have been dealing with the team at 2 Circles for over 5 years now and am nothing short of delighted with the service and value offered by the company and its staff. It is a joy to be dealt with by a real person every time I call up and not have to trawl through the never ending ‘push button’ services offered by some suppliers, on top of this I am confident every time that the person I speak to at the end of the phone will be both knowledgeable and familiar with my account.

Steve Hemsworth, Managing Director, Golfbreaks.com

We have been a customer since 2003 and enjoy a trouble-free service. The benefit of having a good business relationship with our own personal account manager is something we value in a large and changing communications industry.

Linda Karavias, Director, Park Recruitment Ltd

During the period that we have used 2 Circles to provide our fixed telephone services we have always found them to be knowledgeable, attentive and considered in their approach as to what solution works best for our business.

Nick Paterno, Managing Partner, McBrides Accountants LLP

Middlearth has benefitted greatly from the trouble free motoring experience we have enjoyed since out introduction to 2 Circles. All queries/issues are addressed & resolved promptly and with unfailing courtesy by all members of our support team. A pleasure to work with.

Peter Mattyasovszky, Managing Director, Clothing Design Development Ltd

Following a review of our telephone costs and, very importantly, service levels we transferred our business to 9 dots in July 2010. The key factors for moving were a great reduction in our call and rentals costs including free inter office calls, a dedicated account manager and a detailed on line billing system which was tailored to suit our multisite requirements. Having provided all the service levels as promised we then transferred our broadband facilities a year later. As a firm we rely heavily on our telephone and broadband facilities so this was a big step to take but most definitely the right one, I would not hesitate in recommending their excellent services.

Judith – Hardies Property and Construction Consultants

Switching to 2 Circles has been extremely beneficial to us in terms of cost savings and customer service support. We have been hugely impressed with the advice, support and savings since we changed over from BT. When a problem arises, it takes one e-mail to our account manager and is resolved within a matter of hours. I’m also confident that they are providing us with the best deal possible. Their user friendly online billing also helps us to oversee our invoices and call volume better. Thus far, we are hugely impressed and would recommend 2 Circles to anyone looking to switch from BT or another supplier.

Laurie Gayle, Scotland Finance Administration Officer, Save the Children UK

I would like to sing the praises of all you guys there at 2 Circles! I have worked in telecoms & IT my whole working life – I have used many resellers services and also so the industries obvious choice of BT, but I can honestly say none have matched the service I receive from 2Circles. I would love to see you guys becoming bigger and bigger.
The service you offer is so efficient and I think the industry could actually learn from the way you seem to operate. I would also like to praise the efforts of everyone on the team which have looked after the John Macadam Garages account especially Jen Cook, they have been a huge support and have helped us push on through what has been a very busy few months of growth. Long may your GREAT SERVICE continue!!

Gary Harrison, J D Macadam & Son Rescue Ltd

I was really pleased that 3rd Sector Telecom contacted me, there are a lot of companies claiming to save you money but there but very few that deal with charities and other third sector groups exclusively. The switch was completely seamless with no interruption to our telephone service. Having a dedicated account manager is great and the online billing facility where you can see all your calls listed individually is brilliant. Highly recommended!

Anna Burns, Administrator, Transport For Sick Children, Registered Charity No: 1110618

Thank you very much for your invaluable advice and support in transferring our phones away from our previous supplier. Until you pointed it out, I am was completely unaware I had been signed to a lengthy contract without my consent but am delighted to report that we have now been compensated fully for this error and it has alerted me to the opportunism of many unscrupulous telecom organisations. I am very pleased that we are now making substantial savings with 2 Circles and to be in a no-contract situation is indeed comforting for a small charity like ours.

Louise Burfitt-Dons FRSA, Founder Director Act Against Bullying, Registered Charity no 1100132

Earlier this year we were contacted by Mr Ali Marshall from 2 Circles Communications. With his help we have changed our telecoms supplier and have managed to make significant savings. I am happy to recommend Mr Marshall who I found most helpful and approachable.

Ian Dickson, Director, Your Choice (Strathclyde) Ltd

Wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that we have reviewed the past 2 bills received from yourselves and are beyond happy with how it’s all worked out! I personally would like to thank you for the support you gave me throughout the transfer phase from red squid/Vodaphone. I haven’t heard one complaint since switching our mobiles to 2 Circles, and the fact we have combined both our bills has streamlined things nicely. This has all been noted by my higher authorities. Again thanks for all your help, looking forward to an easy 2 year contract with you guys.
Bryce Paterson
Field Services Account Manager

Bryce Paterson, Cosasco

“Over several years the service from BT had gotten worse and worse.  Even waiting to report a fault took hours in some cases.  Our broadband was a nightmare and getting hold of the right person to speak to about this took several attempts each time.  They cut off our fax line and broadband by accident and it took weeks to get re connected because of red tape and inadequate systems.  Most of the time I had to speak to people from India who simply followed a set of instructions and got stuck if asked something not on their list. BT Local business were hopeless.  They took your call and all the information but never followed it up.  Each time I called I had to give all the information again.  In the end I had to demand to speak to a manager.  I was told there were no managers and every one covered each other’s backs. Exasperated by BT in November 2016 we changed from BT to 2 Circles.  Since then we have had great service with our telephone lines.  The new phone system they provided is excellent and offers many new features.  I have had a few occasions where I have needed help and I have been able to call them and speak to someone local who is dedicated to finding a solution.  No more waiting, no more redirections, no more confusion, no more rude engineers, no more frustration.  We are totally happy with 2 Circles for our telephone lines and our broadband.”

Collier Haulage, Chris Whyte, Finance and Accounting

“Carmen has been simply incredible throughout the whole process.  She answered my first call to  2 Circles and has been there ever since – immediately helpful and informative, I felt in good hands.  Then, as we progressed our various orders, she remained always available, and incredibly knowledgeable and focused on the detail.  Then, chasing our leased line order consistently and persistently, until it was live.  Always an absolute pleasure to speak with, her positivity buoyed me up on otherwise challenging days.  An absolute credit to  2 Circles, and absolutely the reason we chose to use your company over the mediocre discussions I’d had elsewhere.”

Ian Blackwell, Director, Canoe2

Am pleased to say that our experience with 2 Circles during the order process has been overwhelmingly positive.  The people we talked to were always very helpful and polite, and did their best to assist us.  Even when it seemed that the order would not be able to go through, our experience was still positive and staff were very helpful, which would not be the case with most companies.  In particular, we appreciate your assistance, Vincent, and your efforts during the order process.  Based on our experience so far, we would most definitely recommend 2 Circles to others.

Carol Mattar, Liver News

I also wanted to thank you for your efficiency and help in getting our issues sorted over the high holy days. You were helpful, knowledgeable and displayed excellent customer service. I would recommend 2 Circles to anyone.

Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue

We have been with 2 Circles for about 1 year now. We had a fault on one of our business lines. I was extremely impressed in the way in which they handled it, but also the regular updates on what was happening and what Openreach was doing to fix it. Andrea, their Customer Services Support was amazing. Best service I have ever had from a telephone provider (and I have been with 4 different companies in the last 10 years).

Stuart Davies, Beyond Balloons

Whenever I have had the need to contact 2 Circles Communications, they have never failed in assisting me, and sorting out our particular problem. It is always done in such a pleasant and timely manner. Nothing ever seems too much. Always patient and reassuring. On this particular occasion, Daisy Butcher was more than helpful, I can almost feel her smile down the phone which is always nice to feel when you are having a particularly busy day and then being presented with broadband related problems. Keep up the good work, it’s always good to know there will be a friendly voice at the end of the phone when problems strike.

Rebekah Sansoni
Channel Partners